Our Volunteers

We Thank You To All Of Our Volunteers

As a non profit soccer club we are incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers and our continued success over the years is due to the dedication, unique skills and talents of our volunteers.

Our volunteers make a difference in each role and through volunteering time and desire to contribute, we are able to offer youth soccer players a chance to be a team player, develop their soccer skills and to continue to build character.

The volunteer roles vary in time commitment from snapping a team photo to coaching. Let us know what interests you and we can help find a volunteer role that also works with your time.

We invite you to join our volunteer family and make a difference in youth soccer and in your community!

"Without volunteers many opportunities for the players would be lost. I enjoy the relationships with the players and coaches, and feeling part of the SWU family, it's rewarding to feel useful and appreciated."
Kim Martineau, Team Manager 2003 Girls4 1/2 Years of Volunteer Service with SWU

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Club Secretary

The SWU Secretary looks after the administrative responsibilities for the Board of Directors and also works directly with the SWU Administrative team to coordinate club process, policy and timelines.

Club Grants Coordinator

As a non- profit organization, SWU relies upon grant funding to support the growth and development of club programing.

SWU Grants Coordinator is a club level role which works directly with the SWU Executive team to identify, research and apply for grant funding for the club.

Club Social Media Coordinator

SWU Social Media Coordinator is a club level role which oversees the clubs Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  This includes monitoring content and updates.

Need more fingers to tweet and post? Create a SWU Social Media team.

Club Equipment Coordinator

SWU Equipment Coordinator is a club level role and oversees the ordering, inventory and distribution/collection of all our club equipment.

Ask a friend to partner with you. More hands make light work.

Interested parties contact SWU President.