Adam Khayat

When I joined SWU 2003 Boys team with the new coach Tomasz Janas  back in 2016, I felt nothing but belief towards me in helping me achieve my dream. With that came friends and coaches that I was fortunate enough to meet. I feel SWU is an extraordinary place because they believe in helping you develop as a player on and off the field. The environment they produce for young aspiring players is excellent and has positively impacted my teammates and me. I hope many other players can experience this for years to come. The exposure that I got from being part of this family is nothing short of phenomenal, and being a part of this family for so many years has changed my life not only in football but also as a person.

Then coming to Spain and Playing in FC Malaga City Academy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Playing full-time football, learning from experienced and knowledgeable coaches, and immersing myself in the Spanish game helped take my personal development to the next level. On top of training, playing against high-level teams was an opportunity for exposure and benchmarking myself against top-level players. I also made many great friends coming here from all across the world. They push me to be a better player. Coming here was the best decision I 
made. If I could describe this experience in one word, it would be a phenomenon.  

Thanks to SWU for helping me grow and develop as a person and a player to become who I am today.

- Adam Khayat

SWU Team: 2003 Boys
Current Team: FC Malaga