Fiona Davidson

My name is Fiona Davidson, I am a 2022 graduate and a Saint Mary's University soccer commit.

Here's my journey!

I started playing soccer as soon as I could walk; I loved it from the first moment. As a kid growing up, I played community in Leduc and then around the age of 10, I joined my first competitive team. After a couple of years I outgrew it and at the age of 12, I became a part of the 2004 Southwest United Girls Team coached by Tomasz Janas. This is where in my opinion I started to become the player I am today. It was daunting at first, but i guess it is for anyone to join a new team. Now I know it was one of the best changes I ever made for my soccer career.

I got put in an environment that was competitive, engaging and challenging. For me, this is what I thrived in. The competitive atmosphere made me and my whole team better and we helped and inspired each other to do hard work. I think this is what any athlete needs from a team. In my time at SWU, we got to go to the UNC girls in soccer camp run by Anson Dorrance, SX College showcase in BC, Umbro Cup in Ontario. We participated in several provincial championships which were all such a great experiences that I will always remember.

Something else that is really important and unique to my experience on this team is when I had a major surgery on my back around age 14, Tomasz and his team were there with me, supporting me every step of the way in my recovery throughout. They looked after me and really inspired me to come back to soccer when I thought I did not want to.

I stayed with the team until the end of my grade 10 and then I moved to Nova Scotia where I played for my high school, a club team and was in the Canada Games program. I do believe the majority of my important development in technical and tactical skills came from playing at SWU. I know I was not the most talented player but I was always willing to work hard. That is what Thomas and coaches saw in me and always inspired me to be better at my game. That is what has brought me to where I am today. This fall I am starting my AUS career with Saint Mary's and I couldn't be more excited.

- ​Fiona Davidson

SWU Team: 2004 Southwest United Girls
Current Team: Saint Mary's