SWU Announces Creation of Centre of Excellence

What makes a soccer club Elite?  Some think is the size of your membership, your team standings during the season, or even trophies on the wall.  Southwest United, however, believes that an Elite soccer club is built around our players.  An Elite player is a complete player, one who possesses strong conditioning, excellent ball handling, and great foot speed.  A complete player is mentally tough and thinks the game at a higher level, understanding not only tactics and strategy but how to deploy them when needed.  Developing Elite soccer players is our Club’s vision. 

To achieve our vision Southwest United needs to be THE Elite soccer club built around player development.  This focus on player development will help open opportunities for our players to participate in not only the EIYSA FC program, but beyond to the colligate, Semi-Pro and even Pro levels.  Southwest United is focused on developing not just Elite players, but great people! 

I would like to announce the Southwest United Centre of Excellence Program which will be rolled out to all of our players this spring.  Our Technical Director, along with his incredible technical team, has developed an Elite player development program for our club which is second to none.  We will also deploy new investments made in technology-based training as part of this program.  

In addition to player development, part of our Centre of Excellence program will be a focus on development of our coaches; where they will continue to obtain and advance their soccer knowledge base.  

As we move forward, Southwest United will evaluate its success not by the size of the Club or the number of trophies, but rather by the quality of the players we develop.  We want to have the highest quality players and young people associated with our Club, while providing them with any, and all opportunities for success not just on the pitch, but off the pitch as well.

Thank You,

George Mansi


Southwest United Sports Club



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