2012 (U8) and 2013 (U7) Co Ed Grassroots

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The grassroots program offers an academy style program to all children with a focus on learning the game through age appropriate activates and games.

Our coaching team believes that having fun is most important and players are encouraged, challenged and supported to learn new soccer skills in a welcoming environment.

Not only do we have fun at soccer practice but we also mentor fair play, camaraderie, respect and dignity which are all traits of great people and athletes.

The grassroots program and our players benefit from the dedication of our parents and coaching staff who guide and support our little athletes. It is a pleasure to work with each of you and thank you for your support!

We look forward to the continued player development and welcome new and returning players to the program and our club.

Grassroots Coaching Team

Hussein Shabdi
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Norah Lee
Team Manager
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Matt Peters
Team Manager
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Won Jeong Park
Team Manager
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