The SWU Difference

  • Positive Coaching. At SWU we believe that when we coach a child, we’re not just training their bodies, we’re training their brains. Negative words can cause stress, fear and anxiety. Positive words can make young athletes believe they can achieve, learn from so-called “failures,” and excel far beyond their doubts and fears.
  • Player Development. Our goal is to develop each and every one of our athletes, and to inspire them to be the best they can be. We align our practices with the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development pathway, a model that helps young players learn faster, develop good habits and stay motivated.
  • Highly Qualified Coaching. Many of our coaches have decades of coaching and playing experience. They stay current with the latest coaching strategies, continuously upgrading their qualifications and mentoring with some of the most accomplished soccer coaches in the business.
  • Passion. Our technical directors, coaches, volunteers and board members spend countless hours supporting our club and training our athletes, season after season. They have a genuine love of the sport and a deep commitment to youth soccer in Edmonton.
  • Safety and Health. At Southwest United we care about the safety and health of our athletes. Our coaches are keenly aware of the risks of the sport and are committed to doing everything they can to prevent injuries. We also promote healthy lifestyles and stress the importance of proper nutrition, hydration and rest.
  • Success. SWU has a long history of success in league play and in provincial and national competitions. Many of our alumni have gone on to play on Canada’s national teams, at colleges and universities throughout North America, and on professional teams around the globe.

The Power of Positive Coaching

Why should coaches be careful about what they say to young athletes?

Words have great power. According to Coach Reed, the man behind Coaching Excellence Beyond the Game, research has shown that words literally change our brains. The results? Anxiety. Irritability. The release of dozens of stress hormones.

Positive words, on the other hand, drive creativity and build resiliency. They accelerate us, or help us grow. In the words of Coach Reed, "When you coach a child, you're not just training their bodies. You're training their brains. It's the not the skills you teach. It's the words you use that are your legacy, your everlasting gift to the future of young athletes."

At SWU we recognize that at some point down the line many of our athletes will no longer use the skills we taught them to play the sport. But they will always remember the words they heard. Coach Reed Calls those words "echoes long beyond the game."

We couldn't agree more.